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Best Vitamin Supplements Express - how bad is trans fat?
September 28, 2006

The news headline reported the proposal
to ban trans fat. It is obvious that
‘artificial fat’ is no good to our health.

There will be good benefits
to our health for the trans fat ban.

Read excerpt of the news headline:
“NYC mulls ban on trans fats in eateries”
at our website.

Do you wait for the government to ban
trans fat to keep yourself healthy?
I don’t. I take control of my health.
I avoid trans fat. I also supplement
my diet with ‘good fat’ i.e.
Omega 3 supplements.

Omega 3 supplements helps to improve my
cells health by reducing the bad effect
of trans fat.

There are 2 good brands of Omega 3
supplements I will recommend.

1. Nutrilite (distributed by Amway)
2. Xtend-Life's Omega 3 DHA/Esters
- click here to check the price.

Read our website’s write-up about the
‘good fat’, omega 3 and its benefits.


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