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Amino acids are building blocks of protein, the basic components of the human body, there are more than twenty types of amino acid. There are eight essential amino acids for adults, and another two for children, which have to be obtained from your diet as they cannot be made in the body. Non-essential amino acids can be made in the body.

Amino acids are essential for human health, affecting everything from mood to muscular strength.

How It Works

Protein is essential for growth, maintenance and repair. It is also used to make enzymes, which speed up biochemical reactions, and antibodies, substances that fight infections.

Complete, or first-class, protein, found in meat, seafood and dairy products, provides the proper balance of the eight essential amino acids.

Incomplete, or second-class, protein, found in nuts, grains, soya beans and lentils, for example, lacks certain amino acids and you need to eat a combination of these foods. If any essential amino acid is low or missing, the effectiveness of all the others will be reduced. In rare cases it may be necessary to supplement non-essential amino acids. 

Deficiency Symptoms


Mind and Emotions

Several amino acids are thought to play a key role in mental health, helping to reduce depression and anxiety. In particular, tryptophan helps 
to produce the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates the sleep cycle  and reduces depression, panic attacks and sensitivity to pain.

The best sources are bananas, milk, cottage cheese and meat.

Liver Function

Methionine (in eggs, milk, liver and fish) helps your liver to remove toxins and is used to treat liver damage caused by excessive drinking.

Appetite Control

Phenylalanine (in cheese, almonds, peanuts and soya beans) is thought to promote the release of hormones that help to control appetite, reducing hunger and cravings.

Healthy Bones

Lysine (found in milk, meat, soya beans, lentils and spinach) promotes the absorption of calcium and may prevent the onset of osteoporosis.


Protein requirements depend on age, size and state of health, but the average adult is thought to need about 50g a day, which is generally obtained by eating a balanced, varied diet.

Athletes need more protein, and vegans may be unable to meet their protein requirements through diet alone. supplements, usually derived from soya beans, supply about 13g of protein per tablespoon.

Individual amino acid supplements are available, but it is advisable to take these under medical supervision in order to ensure you maintain the correct amino acid balance in your body. 


Amino acid supplements are best taken on an empty stomach. Seek medical advice before supplementing because high doses of some amino acids can cause health problems.

Amino Acids Supplement Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:
None established

Main functions:
  • The basic material of all living cells . Promote healthy growth and development .
  • Improve brain function and mood
Food Sources:

Protein-rich foods include meat, fish, eggs, soya beans,  cheese, cereals, nuts and pulses.

soya beans
brown rice

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