Best Antioxdant Supplements to Fing Free Radicals in Your Body

What is the best antioxidant to fight free radicals? Why you need antioxidants? How much antioxidant supplements do you need to take?


The best antioxidant supplements to fight free radicals are the Vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements. There are other types of antioxidant supplements like Co Enzyme Q10 supplements, Selenium and Zinc mineral supplements, and other herbal antioxidant supplements.

Why vitamin A, C and E supplements are the best antioxidants?

  • They are easily available
  • They are less expansive
They are save to consume is large quantity (above RDI amount)

Note: I recommend that you take multi-carotene supplement instead of vitamin A as too much of Vitamin A is toxic to your body. Multi-carotene will be converted into vitamin A in you body when is needed.

Benefits of best antioxidant supplements

  • Housekeep and clean up free radicals before they get a chance to do harm to your body.
  • Prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and diseases.
  • Prevent carsinogenic effects of oxidation

How do best antioxidant supplements work?

Vitamin A is a major fat-soluble vitamin, which protects the cell membrane. It prevents free radical damage in the eyes, skin and lungs, which comes from pollution, cigarette smoke and other toxins.

Vitamin C is antioxidant acting mainly in cellular fluids like blood plasma, lung fluid, eye fluid and in between cells. Vitamin C helps to combat free radicals resulted by pollution and cigarette smoke. As it is a water-soluble vitamin, vitamin C must be replenished daily. Vitamin C is vital in protecting your blood stream and cell plasma from free radical attack.

Another important function of vitamin C is to regenerate, helps oxidized vitamin E to return to its active form.

Vitamin E is another major fat soluble vitamin. It protects the cell membrane. Vitamin E defends the body by protecting the oxidative effect of pollutants in the air such as cigarette smoke and radiation. It also helps to protect your skin.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin E protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane and other parts of your body from free radical attack.

How to get the best out of these antioxidant supplements?

To ensure you get the effect of the synergy of vitamin C and vitamin E supplements, always eat these 2 vitamin together.

When antioxidant vitamin E disables a free radical, it become a free radical itself. Vitamin C reacts with vitamin E into its natural state of antioxidant form.

Working together, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C and vitamin E form a strong synergy to fight free radicals, they are the best antioxidant supplements combination.

How much antioxidant supplements do you need?

As free radical activities in our body cannot be 'felt' like a pain nor demonstrate any visible symptom.  

To determine how much antioxidant supplements to take, measure first the free radical activities in your body. Do a simple Free Radical Home Test-kit, you will immediately discover if your are under attacked and need more antioxidant supplements.

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