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I constantly bring along a books on vitamin supplements with me from my local library. I started a collection of books on vitamin supplements when I got serious in into the research and studies of nutritions and vitamin supplements.


My wife and I enjoy reading those books. We have a variety of books ranging from a how-to-get-started to in depth studies of nutritions and diseases. We have both English and Chinese books on vitamin supplements in our collections.

Book on Vitamin

The Antioxidant Miracle

By: Dr Lester Packer

Dr Lester Packer describes in great depth on the topic of antioxidants and how antioxidants can do wanders to reverse the situations of many sicknesses.

Another book I love to read is Dr Ray Strand's "What the Doctor Doesn't Know about Nutritional Medicine may be Killing You". In this book, Dr Strand shared his experience from a conservative GP who did not know anything about nutrition at all to how he discover the theraputive value of nutritional supplements.

I high encourage you to read this book if you are considering how to prevent sicknesses or even restore your health from certain sickness. You can find your answer in this book. It comes with numerous of Dr Strand's patients testimonies and examples.  

For the vitamin-savvy reader, I want to recommend "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by Lyle McWilliam.

This book ranked over hundreds of comparative test results among more than 1000 nutritional supplements in US and Canada.

For the vitamin-savvy you, grab this book.


For online vitamin-savvy, another book for you. The Consumerlab.Com's Guide to Buying Vitamins & Supplements: What's Really in the Bottle is the ultimate buyer's guide. Given the reputation and experience in conducting and publishing tests results for vitamin supplements at its website, the author Tod Cooperman is the best person to deliver this subject.
Omega 3 Buyers' Guide - Buyers beware! Not all Omega 3 fish oill are created the same. Do you know whether you should choose a fish oil supplement with high DHA oe EPA? You may have read or heard much about it. Get this ebook for more information.

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Xtend-Life Natural Vitamin | Review

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