Buy Dietary Supplement?
10 Ultimate Tips To Help You Make An Informed Decision

Buy dietary supplement page will help you to make an informed decision concerning online vitamin shop, store, manufacturer and brand. Amidst of thousand of vitamin products and brands online or in the stores, follow these tips to keep out the guesswork.

10 buy dietary supplement tips

  • Look for the label - a readable label is a must for each dietary supplement. It list all the active ingredients and the percentage of RDI.
  • Manufacturing date and expiry date. Six months to 2 year of shelf live is common for most vitamin supplements.
  • Independent dietary supplement review about the product safety, efficacy and customer satisfaction
  • Choose a reputable nutritional supplement manufacturer or brand - no product recall record or failure of test record
  • Natural versus synthetic - a natural product is not necessary be more superior that the synthetic counterpart except for vitamin E. A combination of natural and synthetic may work synergically with some natural plant base extract.
  • Look for money back guarantee and return policies
  • Look for unsolicited customer testimonies about the products or brand
  • Look for the source of ingredients for making the vitamin supplements - it must be verified for quality
  • Look for bulk discount save your hard-earned money
  • Loyalty and referral reward gives you the extra incentive to save
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Where to buy dietary supplement online?

There are more places than you think where you can buy health supplements. You can buy nutritional supplements from the super markets, health food store, vitamin speciality shop, retail drug store, wholesale store, vitamin online store and direct selling companies.

Buy dietary supplement online

There are thousands of vitamin online shops and brands available in the Internet. Only a few provide the review and comparison for online vitamin shoppers. There are benefits of buying vitamin online. 

Buy vitamin online from a reputbale online stores.

Word of mouth recommendation from a friend seemed to be the most trusted method to verify merchant credibity before you buy dietary supplement. However in today's online world, we hardly find friends who have experience in dealing with online merchants.

However, we can still rely on mew method that has emerged to help us identifying better online merchants to buy dietary supplement.

You can look for genuine customer testimonials posted on the merchant's site. This is an endorsement done by 3rd parties we can rely on. There are also third party accredited bodies such as BBB Online and BizRate.

Before you buy dietary supplement online, look for websites that participate in accredited programs.

The Online Buying Guide

Approved By Accredited Body

BBBOnline is a subsidiary of the more well known Better Business Bureaus, BBBOnline has over 27,000 website merchants that are enrolled into their Safe Shopping program to identify trustworthy businesses on the web.

A merchant who is enrolled into this program has basically met these criteria

  • operating 1 year in business,
  • a satisfactory complaint handling record,
  • provides verified information on the company ownership and management with street address and telephone number at which they conduct their business.
Another feature you should look out for before buying vitamin online is the BizRate consumer reviews of stores and products. Bizrate is the Web's largest and most trusted consumer feedback network.

Look for a rating of at least 8 and above. Merchants are rated on the 16 quality points ranging from purchase experience during checkout, after-sale delivery and fulfillment experience by real consumers.

Safe Shopping Network
The web sites listed in the Safe Shopping Network have been tested by us to help you decide which ones you should shop at. Safe Shopping Network rated registed website in three areas and :
  • Safety Scoring - a measure of how the merchant care for your online shopping, score ranging from 0 - 100%
  • Performance Scoring - an overall how you can surf with ease at the website
  • Usability Scoring - this score tells you the quality of the service behind the scene e.g. customer service and order processing
The Overall Scoring is the average the above three scorings.

This overall indicator shows how safe and truted you can shop online with the online merchant.

Fraud Protection
You may not be aware of security features, this feature is always overlooked by most consumers. Take note that there are measures that an online merchant can take to ensure that your payment details are not stolen by unscrupulous hackers.

Make sure the merchant you deal with has put in place at least one of the following protection mechanism on their ecommerce site such as VeriSign Secured, GeoTrust, CyberSource, Amex Fraud Protection or HackerSafe, COMODO Authentic Identity.

Other Aspects worth Taking Note Of

Return Policy
Another way to ensure the vitamin supplements you purchased is in good working condition is by checking out the merchant's return policy. Typically 30-90 days return policy is not uncommon.

On your end to make the return a smooth one, you should go to their website to do a final check to ensure that the item that you purchased is returnable. A good practice will be sending them an email to verify if you are still unsure. You should also ensure the unused product and materials are returned and this includes, invoice and box.

Take special note that shipping charges are not refundable.

Privacy Policy
Such policy will ensure the online merchants are responsible for your personal and financial information provided to them during any transactions.Responsible merchants may used Web program such as TRUSTe ( to assure online shoppers.

Buy at wholesale dietary supplement price

Bigger dieatry supplement suppliers do offer branded and good vitamin supplements at wholesale price as part of their marketing campaign. Capture these opportunities to get good bargains at wholesale price.

Puritan's Pride is one of the reputable vitamin online store that offers at wholesale price. Visit the online store, you will discover the good bargains! 

Buy dietary supplement from direct marketing company

Most of the direct marketing vitamin manufacturers do provide online store for preferred customers. Only a few still go by word-of-mouth sales strategy.  


One of these companies is Nutrilite, which is marketed under Quixtar in North America. In other parts of the world, it is marketed by Amway

You can get Nutrilite supply through their local distributors.


USANA Health Science is a fast growing direct marketing health supplements brand provide both online and in-store service to their customers. It is rate as No. 1 brand by the publication "Comparative Guide to Dietary Supplements". Read the exceprt and find out what are the top rated nutritional supplements and manufacturers, based on supplements efficacy.

Where to Buy Vitamin and Minerals online?

We have reviewed a handful of top vitamin supplements online stores. Read our reviews on vitamin supplements online stores.

Among our popular stores are  

(1) Discount Vitamin Supplements at Wonderlabs and

(2) Natural Vitamin Supplements at Xtend-Life. 

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