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There are many ways you can do to compare different supplements at home. I have done these two vitamin comparisons. I did these supplements tests myself at home. You can try it too!

1. Compare supplements to see if there is artificial coloring used

2. Compare if calcium supplements can be easily digested - the disintegration test.

Multi-vitamin artificial color test


I put my vitamin supplements tablets into a glass of water, leave it for 30 minutes.Observe if it colorise the water or color coating drops off.

Picture 'A' shows at the start of the test of brand X (left) and brand Y (right) multivitamin tablet. Picture 'B' shows that after 10 minutes, brand X's artificial color coating (red) started to come off. Brand Y show the natural green color being released. According ti the manufacturer of brand Y multi-vitamin, there is no artificial color added.

Needless to say, brand X artificial color shows up.

Multi-vitamin disintegration test

Picture 'C' is taken after 40 minutes into the test. Brand X's white coating is revealed and 'cracked'. I doubt the white coating is digestible by your body.

Brand Y almost fully disintegrated afte 40 minutes.

I stirred the water. Brand Y distingrated completely while brand Y left with flakes of artificial color coating and white coating.

My conclusion: Brand Y is a better vitamin supplement. It pass the criteria of artificial color test and disintegration test. Brand X abviously did not.

Now that you can see a simple test like this can help you to differential the quality of the vitamin supplements you eat. Take control, choose a responsible manufacturer to get the best vitamin supplements for yourself.

Calcium/Magnesium disintegration test


You can do the same test for Calcium/Magnesium vitamin supplements table. You can either use water or vinegar.

I did it using vinegar and capped the tube with a balloon. The effervescence (picture A)of brand Y(on the right) pushed the balloon up. While not much happening to brand X even after 30 minutes later (picture C).

The disintegration test simply shows that brand Y is easily disintegrate in your digestive system.g food. The calciumcontent is usually represented as a percentage, of the daily value of calcium your child would get by eating one serving of that food, using 1,000mg as the 100% value. So if a food has 20%, it means 200mg of calcium (20% x  1000mg)

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