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This page will provide you timely news-breaking alerts and updates on any supplement recall and warnings. We aim to keep you informed and take responsibility on the safe dietary supplements usage.

Amidst many dietary supplement recalls, we can still find good vitamin supplements and dietary supplement manufacturers. We have also provide you the reviews for good online vitamin stores.

Nasutra, LLC Recalls of Nasutra, a Product Marketed as a Dietary Supplement To Support Male Sexual Performance, Due to Unlisted, Potentially Hazardous Ingredient

23 Sep 06: Nasutra, LLC announced today that it is conducting a voluntary nationwide recall of all the Company’s dietary supplement product that is sold under the brand name Nasutra.

30 Aug 06: Canada Advises Consumers Not To Use Salt Spring Herbals Sleep Well Dietary Supplement: Adulterated Sleep Supplement

On August 30, 2006, Health Canada (the Candian Health Ministry) Health Canada advised consumers not to use Salt Spring Herbals Sleep Well Dietary Supplement because a sample analyzed by Health Canada has been found to contain the undeclared drug estazolam, a sedative that can be habit-forming when used for as little as a few months.

FDA Notifies Consumers of Restitution Program for Purchases of Lane Labs' Products

17 August 06: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying consumers of a restitution (refund) program for purchasers of three of Lane Labs-USA, Inc.'s products. The products are BeneFin, MGN-3 and SkinAnswer. Consumers who purchased those products between September 22, 1999 and July 12, 2004 are eligible for a partial refund of the purchase price and any shipping and handling costs. Read more

Ginkgo Supplement Recalled by Olympian Labs

19 January 2006: Olympian Labs informed that it recently issued a recall of a line of Ginkgo biloba supplements because the products "did not meet our specifications that our raw material supplier was contracted to follow." Affected are "Ginkgo 60mg" sold as single and twin bottles each containing 60 or 120 capsules and "Ginkgo 120 mg" sold as single and twin bottles each containing 60 capsules.

Halodrol-50 supplement: Steroids Detected

30 November 2005, Halodrol-50 contains a steroid that closely resembles Oral-Turinabol, the principal steroid used to fuel East Germany's secret, systematic sports doping program, according to Don Catlin of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory. Read more

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