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Xtend-Life Natural Vitamin | Review

When we are doing the reviews of many online vitamin stores, we also discover a number of online vitamin stores offer discount for vitamins, cheaper shipping, free shipping under various geographical coverage and conditions.

Vitamin Coupons

BodyBuilding Supplements and Coupons

Puritan's Pride's Discount coupons Discount and Vitamin Coupons offers $5 to $20 discount based on the purschase amount. Read more about discount supplements. 

See's weekly special here.

Swanson Vitamins offers $5 First Order

Get $5 off at your first order at Swanson Health Products.
Also visit the Swanson Outlet Mall to get more discounts.

Puritan's Pride Coupon

Puritan's Pride offers special discount for bulk purchase. Lookout for the real time updated PRICE DROP offers here. 

Mother Nature's Discount

Mother Nature offers discounts for  its hot products up to 77% off list prices. Offers include brands like Nature's Way-70%, Twin Lab-54%, Source Naturals-49%, Bluebonnet-20% and Solgar-20%.

Free Vitamins at WonderLab

Wonderlabs is well known for it wholesale priced cheap vitamins. It also offer deal-of-the-day often. It has a bargain bin that has over 400 products priced at $5.99. Do remember to sign up for their updates and newsletter to clinge their special deals. You get a free sample of Natural Anti-Depressant upon any purchase.


Xtend-Life offers Loyalty Programs and Free International Shipping

To get immediate 10% off from your purchase, you can sign up the loyalty program at Xtend-Life. The program will activate a reminder about your loyalty program. You are free to set the loyalty order interval.

It also offer FREE Internation shipping for order of $60 and above. This is a rare case for international shipping.


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