How Much Free Radical Damage?

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How free radical damage can happen?

Watch this 5-minute video, you will understand the danger of free radical attacks and how to prevent it!

Free Radical and Antioxidant video

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Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules created by our body as a waste of metabolism. It is ironic that your body needs oxygen to burn carbohydrates and produce energy and yet produce a 'harmful' by-product called free radical.

You body also create free radicals when

Free radicals from external sources are created by

What are the free radical damages can cause to you?

Free radicals

Your direct defense against free radicals is to take antioxidant supplements.

Before you take antioxidant supplement, it is wise to take an free radical test to measure the level of free radicals in your body.

If you are taking antioxidant current, you can find out how effective your antioxidant supplement by taking a free radical test. Simple home test kits are available in the market.

How to prevent free radical damage?

Do a free radical test

In order to prevent damages casused by free radical, firstly, you need to know what is the free radical activity level in your body.

You can find out by doing this simple free radical test at the comfort of your home.

There are simple how radical test kits available in the market. One that I use is the VESPRO Free Radical Test kit.

I found it easy and convenient to use.

You just need to collect a little of your urine sample and drop a few drops of your urine sample into the ampoule.

Leave it for five minutes and compare the color of the ampoule solution with the color chart provided.

You should repeat free radical test at least once a month to protect yourself from free radical attack.

Take antioxidant supplements to neutralize free radical activities

If you find that the free radical activities in your body is at the alarming level, you must take sufficient antioxidant supplements to neutralize the free radical activities in your body.

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Buy free radical test kit.

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