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This purple-coloured mineral takes its name from the Greek word iodes, meaning 'violet-like'. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones, which control your energy levels and the rate you burn up fat. It also crucial for a child's physical and intellectual development.

Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormones, which control your body's metabolic rate, including the speed at which you burn up calories. It plays a major part in preventing tiredness and }Veight gain, and is included in many sijmming products.

Iodine is important in promoting normal growth and mental function. Lack of iodine during pregnancy is a major problem in many parts of the world and can severely affect a baby's brain function and development.

Iodine Supplements

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Deficiency symptoms

Benefits of Iodine

Weight problems :
Iodine supplements may help to improve the action of a sluggish thyroid gland and help you burn off excess fat.

Painful breasts:
Studies have shown that increasing iodine intake can reduce the pain and swelling associated with benign (non-cancerous) breast lumps.

Swollen thyroid gland :
This is a symptom of thyroid deficiency and iodine supplements can help to reduce the swelling (severe cases will require medical treatment).

Energy booster :
Iodine can improve all-round energy, making you feel better mentally and physically.

With its vital role in determining the rate at which your body burns up calories, iodine is a popular addition to slimming pills.

Iodine Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:


Main Functions

  • Healthy growth and development
  • Helps control metabolic rate
  • Useful in weight-loss programmes
  • Relieves tiredness and fatigue

Food Sources:

Most table salt is fortified with iodine. You can get your daily requirement of this mineral by eating 100g of mackerel.

kelp (seaweed)
mackerel and haddock
canned salmon


Vegans may be at risk of slight iodine deficiency, and if you exercise a lot you may need to take supplements because iodine is lost in sweat.

Eating large amounts of vegetables of the Cruciferae family, such as cabbage, cauliflower and turnips, prevents iodine absorption. Iodine needs selenium and vitamin A in order to be effective.

Multimineral tablets usually contain 150mcg of iodine, which is sufficient for an average person to and avoid deficiency.  


High doses of iodine are toxic. They may cause acne or make it worse, and can interfere with the action of other hormones in your body. Although amounts of up to 500mcg are considered safe, seek medical advice if you intend to take more than the RDA.

Where to get Iodine Supplements?

We recommend that you take a multiviatmin and multi-mineral supplement to get your iodine supplements. Here are a few examples of multivitamins supplements that you can compare the iodine content.


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