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Why liquid vitamin supplement despite liquid vitamin are usually more expansive than its other counterparts? The most common form of vitamin supplements is in tablet form. It is popular due to is convenient and much longer shelf live.

Many people may find it too complicated to and do not look forward to taking their daily vitamins. Imagine that you have to swallow 10 pills a day or more depending on the regime you are on.

There is also rising concern when you take those capsules or pills, you can never be sure your body fully absorbs their ingredients. It was estimated that up to 70% of the vitamin will be lost due to absorption problem.

It may be a waste of your energy, time and money! You may think.

Your concern is right. Minerals are often found in solutions or suspension in the nature. Many scientists believe that this is the best form in which to take minerals supplements.

Nutritional vitamin supplement manufacturers now formulate mineral supplements in liquid form. Liquid supplements more resemble the form which are found in nature. They are the most absorbable types of mineral supplement which is up to 99 to 100%.




The major benefit of liquid vitamin and mineral supplements is the bioavailabity (absorption) of the vitamin and minerals into your body. With the availability of technology, many nutritional vitamin manufacturers now packed their vitamin supplements in sachets. That makes life easier.

Due to the special formulation, it may be more expansive that its tablet counterpart. But it is more bioavailable to your body. You pay for what you get.

How to choose Liquid Vitamin supplement


What you should be watching out when choosing liquid vitamin:
1. It will not hurt your stomach. Watch the pH. Acidic supplement formulation will hurt your stomach.

2. It should not have the too much of sugar

3. It is convenient for you to carry around.

4. If it is in powder form, it must be completely dissolved in cold water.

5. There should be no interaction among the nutrients when dissolved in water.

6. The formulation should provide a single dosage for your convenience


Who should take liquid vitamin?


You should use liquid vitamin supplements instead if the one of the following situation occurs to you:  

Where to get your best liquid vitamin supplements?

Liquid multi vitamin

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Liquid Calcium

Liquid calcium supplement is another convenient liquid supplement for young and the seniors.

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