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The use of vitamin supplements may not necessarily treat the symptoms and diseases but rather to provide nutrients to our bodies at the optimal level. Healthy cells will grow to replace the unhealthy ones and the body recovers.

According to nutritional medicine physician Dr Ray Strand, for the vitamin supplement to be effective,

Over 100,000 deaths per year by prescribed medications

In the "Journal of the American Medical Association", 15 April 1998 issue, Dr Bruce Pomeranz said, "The medication we prescribed cause over 100,000 deaths a year".

The traditional western medical approach is described as a fix-a-break approach to health.

In recent years, many MD started to believe preventive medicine and practice it. Dr Ray Strand and Dr Ross Walker, a renowned cardiologist are the two good examples.

Medicines Alternative for symptoms and diseases

Native Remedies is one of our 5-star online stores, which we recommend for treating symptoms and sickness using 100% natural and drug-free way. Read Native Remedies review.

You can find solutions to hundreds of symptoms and sickness, using 100% natural herbal products. Or scroll down slowly on this page and find more medicines alternation for symptoms or sickness you are looking for.

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Vitamin for Acne problems | Other nature's remedies for Acne

acne treatment

Want to overnight cure your acne? You can find complete information in an ebook for a complete solution. It is voted the BEST-SELLING acne Guide in Asia. Outlines best treatment and causes of acne, pimples and blackheads.

Adrenal Gland
Alternative treatment for ADHD.

More Medicines Alternative

Anti-aging vitamin - age gracefully. Learn how to age successfully

Vitamin for allergies.. read more or alternative treatment for allergies

vitamin for anaemia.


Read about vitamin for atherosclerosis
Vitamin supplements for Atherosclerosis.

Vitamin for anxiety - vitamin supplements solution for your anxiety and stress problems.
Get Natural Remedies for Anxiety | Viatmin supplements for anxiety

Arthritis is common joint problem among aged people, but some your people also suffer from arthritis. Read more about vitamin for arthritis and get recommendation for best vitamin supplements for your arthritis problems. Go direct to recommended vitamin for arthritis. Explore Native Remedies for arthritis problem.


Burns, cuts, bruise

How to lower cholesterol level using vitamin supplements.

lower cholesterol
Natural preventive remedies for Cholesterol.

There are also supplements that is effective in lowering our body's cholesterol level.

Cold Sores | Vitamin supplements to protect from viral infection. | Read more about how you can protect yourself from Common colds & flu .

Natural remedies to relieve Constipation.



Natural remedies for Depression | Discover how you can help depression using Supplements for depression.

Helpless about diabetic condition? You can handle it better when you understand how Systemic Care can help you.

Ear infection

Vitamin for energy and fatigue. Vitamin supplements recommendation if you lack of energy.

Vitamin for Eczema and Dermatitis - Symptoms of eczema include red, itchy skin and blisters, which may be mild or severe. Dermatitis means skin inflammation and is often used interchangeably with eczema. See also Vitamin for dry skin.
Nature remedies to solve your Fertility problems. Find out how vitamin effect men's health and fertility. More advice for men's vitamin for men's health issues; Women's vitamin and health issues


Hair problem
Headache, migraine
High blood pressure

Vitamin for heart - to spring clean the plaque in your heart arteries. Read more about how to prevent hardening of heart arteries and building up of plaque on the arteries walls.

Medicines Alternative for IMMUNE SYSTEM

Immune System Booster
Vitamin to strengthen immune system

Irritable bowel syndrome

Vitamin for memory problems. Vitamin supplements recommendation to improve memory
Mouth ulcer

Nail Fungus


Osteoporosis - bone mass and bone loss problems. Or just need calcium top up? Find out all at vitamin for osteoporosis.

Pre-menstraul syndrome (PMS)

Prostate health information and video page has lots of tips for men how to take care of their prostate and sexual health. Do check it out our vitamin for men and prostate health.

Psoriasis - supplement with Omega 3 supplements

Seasonal affective disorder

You need not suffer in silence, here is our natural remedy for men's sexual performance, women's sexual performance

Sometimes, it is just about what you eat. Look at vitamin supplements recommendation to improve male sexual performance. Concerns for the ladies? Here is our women's vitamin to resolve PMS and Menopause issues.



Read our write up on Vitamin for skin. Want to feed your skin with essential nutrients? See also vitamin for eczema and dermatitis.

Sleep is very important as we spend about 30% o our life sleeping. If a person cannot sleep well, it will definitely affect his life. Read our write up on how you can improve your sleep by using vitamin. | Natural remedies for sleeping problems


Thyroid problem


It not only bug women alone. Men are not spare of varicose vein problem. Vitamin for varicose veins.

Vitamin supplements as medicines alternative

Essential nutrients omega 3 and its benefits

Nutritional vitamin fiber supplements

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Where can you find high quality vitamin supplements, which you can address your different needs as medicines alternative?
We recommend Xtend-Life. Read our review on Xtend-Life Natural Vitamins
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Nutrition guide for optimal health.

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