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A man's sexual health is an integral part of his life. It also affect thelife of the woman he loves!

The number one healthconcern for a man is usually on the issue of sexual health.  It isimportant to men and to women wholovetheir men.

When we look at malesexual health, we talkmen's sexual function, desire, reproduction,ability and enjoyment.  It alsocovers areas of your overall life and health conditions.

What Affect A Man's Sexual Health

Factors affecting men's sexual health may include one or many physical,psychological and emotional aspects.

If you are unhealthy or unfit in these areas of your life, it canaffect your sexual health, your relationships and  yourself-image.

Not feeling happy with your life, constantly ill, tired, or suffer fromchronic disease it is ikely that you do not have a fulfiling,satisfying and stimulating sexual relationship.

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Testosterone and estrogens andare two major sex hormones, which are essential in sexual functioning.

Both hormones are found in males and females alike, but in differentamounts.  Men produce more testerone than women in their body,while women produce more estrogen than man.

Your body's hormonal imbalance can cause drastic changes in sexualability and interest.  Prematureaging, illness, somemedications and chronic illness may be the cause of hormonal imbalances.

There are other factors limit your sexual interest and ability as youage. Examples are:
These can all seriously loweryour abilities, interest and confidence in the sexual performance, andyou often do not realize it.
“Sexual health is not onlyan important part, but anessential element of the quality of life of adults over the age of 45.”

How Men's Health Supplement Works?

Here are some essential elements of men's health supplement:


Nearly half of the selenium in a man's body can be found in his testicles and in portions of the seminal ducts alongside the prostate gland. Since selenium is scarce in our food supply and vital to proper sexual functioning, men need to make sure that they get plenty of this important trace mineral in their diet.

Foods high in selenium include butter, herring, tuna, wheat germ and bran, Brazil nuts, brewer's yeast, whole grains, and sesame seeds.


This essential trace mineral is commonly deficient in impotent men, as revealed in hair analysis. Nuts, seeds, and whole grain cereals are rich in manganese.


zinc is vital to the production of testosterone, a deficiency can result in impotent, as well as reduced sperm count.

Zinc also helps to guard against cadmium toxicity which can lead to impotence. Cadmium toxicity is common in smokers.

A man's ability to absorb zinc declines with age, and the mineral is destroyed by drugs, alcohol, coffee, and smoking, as well as by infections.

Good food sources include pumpkin and sunflower seeds, seafood(especially oysters), organ meats, brewer's yeast, soybeans, mushrooms, herring, eggs, wheat germ, and meats.

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Vitamin E:

Dubbed the "sex vitamin," vitamin E works with selenium as an antioxidant. Whenthe penis is erect, it is engorged with blood that carries vitaloxygen. Vitamin E assists in the transport of that oxygen and prevents its oxidation.

Good food sources of this antioxidant vita- min include peanuts,almonds, cold-pressed oils, eggs, wheat germ, organ meats, desiccated liver, sweet potatoes, and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C
is vital to the sex glands, particularly as a man ages! If an insufficient amount is obtained from the diet, the sex glands will steal it from other body tissues. If there is none to steal, sex drive will diminish or vanish, as sex-gland functioning drops or stops.

Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruit, rose hips, acerolacherries, sprouted alfalfa seeds, cantalope, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, green pepper.

Vitamin A:

Viatamin A helps maintain testicular tissue. It is found in liver, eggs, yellow fruits and vegetables, fish liver oil, and dairy products.

The B Complex Vitamins:

The B vitamins influence the production of testosterone. B1 and B2 help support the thyroid and adrenal glands respectively.

Pantothenic acid is needed for both of these glands that produce 98 percent of the body's energy. When they're underactive, fatigue and  diminished sex drive can result.

Folic acid works in con junction with testerone to develop maturesperm: Para-aminoben: zoic acid (PABA) has been successfully used ill treatment of Peyronie's Disease, a condition characterized by extreme curvature of the penis, which makes erection quite painful.

The best food sources for the B complex vitamins are brewer's yeast, liver, and whole grain cereals.
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The first mineral to be recognized as directly involved with sex drive, phosphorus is found in curries, chutneys, and hot sauces, all of which provide stimulation (in the form of irritation) to the sex organs.

Truffles, undergroundfungi, purported aphrodisiac effects, contain phosphorus. It is present in the form of phospholipids (a combination of nitrogen, fatty acids, and glycerol) that help promote the secretion of sex and other hormones.

Lecithin can be producedin the body only in the presence of the B vitamins, especially B6. Brewer's yeast, wheat bran and germ, pumpkin, squash, and sunflower seeds are all very high in phosphorus.


Supplementations and Prevention

Preventative measures like general nutritional health, lifestyle and exercise are keys to restoring your sexual health.  These are proven to be the ways to maintain your level of sexual health throughout life.

However, with a proper men's health supplement program, it will help you to regain your youthful drive much faster!

Where To Get Best Men's Health Supplements

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