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Required for optimum health, the functions of molybdenum include helping to make uric acid, a waste product found in urine, and to enable your body to use iron. A lack of molybdenum is thought to contribute to impotence in older men.

Molybdenum helps your body to make certain enzymes so it can use the energy released from fats and carbohydrates. It also promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells, and is needed to keep nerves healthy.

Molybdenum is thought to be an antioxidant and helps your body to break down harmful substances such as alcohol and sulphites, which are used to preserve food.

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Deficiency symptoms

The following are possible symptoms molybdenum deficiency:

Benefits of Molybdenum

By enabling your body to use iron, molybdenum can help prevent some forms of anaemia.

Tooth decay:
A lack of molybdenum is thought to be a cause of tooth decay.

Mind and emotions:
Molybdenum is known to promote a feeling of wellbeing and can help you feel more alert.

Sexual problems:
Molybdenum is considered to be useful in cases of impotence in older men.

Studies indicate that increasing your intake of molybdenum under medical supervision can relieve the symptoms of allergy and reduce wheezing in asthmatics.

Lens opacification:
Trials in China prove this mineral supplement has a protective role against lens opacification.

Molybdenum is thought to improve all-round health, keeping your body and mind in good shape.

Iodine Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults: None established

Main Functions

Food Sources:

Whole grains, lentils and dark green, leafy vegetables are the best sources of molybdenum. A serving of green beans should meet your nutritional requirements.

sunflower seeds
green beans


There is no RDA for molybdenum but multivitamin/multimineral tablets may contain 25mcg, which is thought to be sufficient for an average person to avoid deficiency. Extra supplementation is not generally recommended.


Do not take extra doses of molybdenum except on the advice of your doctor. Molybdenum makes your body get rid of copper and can cause gout (a build-up of uric acid around the joints).

Where to get Molybdenum Supplements?

Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can be found in most multivitalim supplements.  We advise you to read the label and compare the content before making decisions.

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