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This Nutrition guide page reveals why many people fall short of optimal health condition.

Many studies have indicated that certain nutrients are essential for life, but maximizing the intake may enable proper function of your body and also keep the optimal health conditions.

Lifestyle - less then ideal lifestyle is the potential factor that rob our bodies the nutrients. Physical and mental stress; tea, coffee and sugar; smoking and alcohol. The above are the "nutrients robbers", which demand increase in your vitamins needs.

An alarming trend has emerged that our diets are higher in fats, especially the bad fats. I urge you to pay attention to your fat diet. There are certain areas you can gain control to lead a healthier life.

Life stage - different life stage requires specific nutrition requirements

Gender - Though most nutrients we require are the same, however men and women are made differently in terms of our physiology and hence will require different types of nutrients or vitamins.


The special need for women includes childbearing, breast feeding, menstrual cycle and menopause. Therefore there are special vitamin for women.


Men's concerned area are usually in health issue related to prostate health and other men-prone diseases. Special men's health supplement is available to address these men's health issues.

Sexual health

Sexual health concerns are common to both men and women, but it requires different nutrients and health supplements for men and women to rejuvenate their sexual drive.

Where Is the Gap?

A proper vitamin supplements program may help to address the following vitamin robbers and road-blocks to your optimal health. Find out why you need to take nutritional vitamin supplements. Also watch out for these vitamin robbers and avoid these vitamin robbers and fill your vitamin need gaps to ensure optimal health.

Read our nutrition guide to vitamin benefits and determine what type of vitamin supplements you need.

Optimal health

To obtain optimal health, these are the areas of your health conditions you may want to pay attention to:

Basic RDI nutrition facts.

USDA's guidance for a balance diet according to the USDA food pyramid.

Where To Buy Vitamin Supplements Online?

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