Phosphorus Supplement

Phosphorus Supplement

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Phosphorus is essential for the structure and function of your body, phosphorus is also vital for communication between cells and for energy production. It is found in most foods and deficiency is rare, but too much phosphorus can upset your mineral balance and decrease calcium levels. 

How It Works

Phosphorus is needed for the production of energy from food and to activate the B-complex vitamins (also involved in energy production).
It is a component of genetic material, essential for growth and repair, and combines with calcium to form calcium phosphate, which makes teeth and bones rigid.

Phosphorus requires vitamin D and calcium in order to function and you need to have twice as much calcium as phosphorus for both to work properly.


Deficiency Symptoms

Benefits of Phosphorus Supplements

Bone Health
Phosphorus is needed to maintain bone density, and an increased intake may shorten the time broken bones take to heal.

Energy Booster
Phosphorus is valued by athletes because it increases endurance and reduces tiredness.

Phosphorus are thought to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Heavy drinkers are usually deficient in phosphorus and may need to take supplement.

Kidney Stones
Kidney stones reduces the level of calcium in urine and may help to protect against the formation of kidney stones.

Essential for the structure and efficiency of your body, phosphorus helps to boost energy levels and fight fatigue.

Phosphorus Supplements

Found in Total Balance


Multimineral tablets usually include a low dose of phosphorus, despite the fact that deficiency is rare. Antacids and alcohol may interfere with phosphorus levels, and pregnant or breastfeeding women may need slightly higher doses.  


Fizzy cola drinks may upset your calcium- phosphorus balance (they contain high amounts of phosphotic acid). Extra phosphorus should only be taken under medical supervision.

Phosphorus Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:

Main functions:
Food Sources:

Found in most foods; a pint of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and acheese sandwich should provide the RDA.

hard cheese
milk products
whole grains

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