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Potassium Supplement

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Your body needs potassium to work properly: it helps muscles to contract, is involved in nerve function, regulates the heartbeat,transfers nutrients to cells and, most important of all, controls the amount of water in body cells. 

How It Works

Potassium allows nutrients to move into body cells and waste products to move out. It helps to control the  production of the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels, and to maintain normal blood pressure.

Potassium helps the digestive system 'to function properly, to eliminate waste products and ensures that fluid levels are correctly balanced in your body.

Deficiency Symptoms

The deficiency symptoms of potassium are:


Mind and Emotions
By helping to send oxygen to the brain, potassium promotes clear thinking and can relieve symptoms of depression.

Blood pressure
Supplements of  potassium have been shown to reduce high blood pressure and may help to protect against the risk of stroke.

Increasing your intake of potassium can relieve muscular cramps.

Energy booster
Because it is involved in energy production and muscle contraction, maintaining your potassium level can increase energy levels, improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue.
Potassium is essential formaintaining your body's water balance, a good intake of potassium helpsto lower raised blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.


There is no RDA for potassium but it is found in most multivitamin and  multimineral supplements and daily intakes of about 3000mg are recommended.

Potassium Supplements

Found in
Total Balance

If you exercise a lot, live in a hot climate, take diuretics (pills toreduce water retention) or laxatives, are on a low-carbohydrate diet,drink a lot of alcohol or have had a prolonged bout of vomiting and diarrhoea, you may need to increase your intake of potassium.

Too much salt in your diet affects potassium levels. Potassium works best with zinc and magnesium.


If you have kidney problems or are taking drugs to reduce high blood pressure do not take potassium supplements without seeking advice from your doctor first.

Potassium Supplement Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:
    None established

Experts recommend that an average adult need 3000mg of potassium daily.

Main functions:
  • Beats fatigue
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Maintains water balance within cells
  • Activates enzymes that control energy production inthe body
Food Sources:

Potassium is found in a wide range of foods and deficiency is only likely if you do not eat many fruits or vegetables. Two bananas a day should supply all the potassium you need.

tomato puree
red pepper
potato crisps
cheddar cheese
red wine

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