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Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, selenium works synergistically with vitamin E, meaning that both are more powerful if taken together. Selenium vitamin is necessary for metabolism, helps the liver to work effectively and is present in sperm. Deficiency can be linked to male infertility.


How It Works

Selenium helps to activate antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes potentially harmful free radicals, and is therefore important in helping to protect your body from a wide range  of diseases. Selenium is needed for healthy muscles, including those in your heart. It also boosts the immune system, increasing your ability to fight infection.
Selenium is needed for good eyesight, it helps to maintain skin and hair health, and is thought to help treat dandruff. It reduces inflammation and relieves many symptoms of menopause.

Deficiency Symptoms


Infections :

Selenium improves immune system function by increasing the production of the white blood cells that fight infections.

Menopause :

Selenium supplements can alleviate the symptoms of menopause,including hot flushes.

Hair, skin and nails :

Selenium improves the condition of hair, skin and nails, helps to reduce scalp flaking and helps maintain your skin's elasticity. It is also thought to help improve acne.

Arthritis :

Selenium is a useful treatment because it reduces inflammation. Increased amounts may ease period pains. Read vitamin for arthritis.

Essential for sperm production, selenium plays a vital role in maintaining male fertility and sex drive.


There is no RDA as yet for selenium but it has been suggested that an intake of 75mcg daily should be sufficient for an average person to remain healthy and avoid deficiency. Take vitamin E with selenium to ensure maximum benefit of both. Elderly people, smokers, vegetarians and vegans, and pregnant or breastfeeding women may need slightly higher amounts.


Selenium is toxic in very small doses. Take no more than 200mg daily unless under medical supervision.

Selenium Vitamin Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:
None established

Main functions:
Food Sources:

A few brazil nuts or a serving of tuna should contain all the selenium your body needs.

brazil nuts
fish and shellfish
sunflower seeds
wholemeal bread
dairy products
fruit and vegetables

What Makes Best Selenium Vitamin Supplement?

Selenium is usually found in good quality multivitamin supplements. Not all multivitamin tablets contain selenium. I advise that you read the label carefully. Premium multivitamin could cost a bit more though.It is a good practice to compare prices and ingredients before you decide which multivitamin suit your need best.

Where to get best Multiviatmin Supplements that Contain Selenium?

Xtend-Life has a range of multivitamin supplements cater for different needs and budgets. Please read our write-up to the comparison of Xtend-Life multivitamin supplements. Then choose one that suits your need.

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