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Why immune system of your body is important? We want keep healthy, avoid sickness and the high cost of medical treatment as a result of sickness.

You will find what vitamin supplements can strengthen immune system. You will also discover what food, environment, contaminants and lifestyle can suppress your immune system.

Let’s see how the body becomes sick. The only that stands between you and something as simple as cold or serious as cancer or a viral infection like SARS or even Bird Flu is a strong immune system. Strengthen immune system becomes one of the most important steps to fight the moden epidermic. 

The Body

Your body is in constant battle with the external invaders the germs. When a massive invasion of bacteria and viruses happens in your body and overpower the line of defense of immune system, you fall sick! 

The Immune System

Your body’s immune system is a complex system of blood cells and special proteins acting together to defend the invasion. It does it by engulfing and killing the bacteria and viruses. It can also repair or destroy damage cells before it grows into cancerous tumor.

Defeat of The Immune System

You remain healthy is because you body wins the battle fighting these alien invaders in your body. There are times the your body loss the battle. One this happens, your body become more susceptible to infections, degenerative diseases such as cancers and diabetes.

In many studies, inadequate nutrition has been shown to weaken one or more components of the immune system. Insufficient proteins, too little fiber, and too much fat; and vitamin and minerals deficiencies will weaken your immune system.

Nutrients are the raw material to build a healthy and strong immune system. Your body needs raw materials such as to form an army of fighters to fight the alien invaders. Naturally, your body should not fall sick if the immune system is strong.

How Do You strengthen Immune System?

Is your body having a strong immune system? The symptoms do not lie. Simply put, if you body can defeat the invaders, you will not often have the symptoms of sickness like cold etc, you have a strong immune system. Then, how do you strengthen immune system?

The raw material you body need is the nutrients from the food you eat. However, the truth of the matter is most of us did not even eat a balance diet. If you do not eat enough keep maintain optimal health, it is even harder to have a strong immune system. Nevertheless, vitamin supplements are available to supplement the gap in your diet and further strengthen immune system.

Strengthen immune system supplement

Vitamin and minerals in excess amount of RDIs have been shown to strengthen immune system. Those have exert profound effect are the antioxidants, vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, and selenium; minerals such as zinc, magnesium and vitamin B complex. Others herbs like garlic and Echinacea are popular immune system nutrition chosen by many to strengthen immune system.


Many studies have shown that the power of the immune system can be increased with comprehensive multivitamin.

Protein Powder

Protein is made of basic building blocks called amino acids. Though protein is not classified as a vitamin, however it is so essential for cells formation. There are eight essential amino acids from which all types of proteins are formed. Lack of any of this will undermine the formation of proteins and hence reduce the supply for the body to produce antibodies and other immune system related cells, tissues and organ. This leads to weakening of immune system.

As a result, you may fall sick more often, disease being more severe and recovery time is prolonged.

Protein not only build your muscle, it is also a necessary raw material to strengthen immune system.

Vitamin C

Macrophage is a type of cell who eats up the bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C speeds up the macrophage. If the macrophage can eat up the bacteria and viruses faster than their multiplication, the immune system wins the battle.

Vitamin C also stimulates the macrophage to eat bacteria, viruses and fungus.

As stress suppresses your immune system, vitamin C’s ability to block the effect of various adrenals stresses hormone. So vitamin C helps to prevent weakening of your immune system.

Vitamin C also increases the production and stimulation for macrophage to kill cancer cells in your body. In addition, it blocks the formation for nitrates into cancer forming compounds, nitrosamines. It will strengthen immune system.

Interferon is a special protein produced by macrophage. It acs a messenger among the cells and stimulate the various components of your immune system.

An ample amount of interferon in your body will prevent the virus get started in your body. IF the virus is establishes and begin to spread, stopping it is much more difficult. And it requires more interferon.

The connection between vitamin C and interferon could probably provide the reason vitamin C could reduce the severity and the time you have cold

The production of interferon depends on vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a very major role to boost immune system. Indeed it could be one of the most important immune system nutrition.

It is the very first vitamin your body required to strengthen immune system.

Vitamin A or Beta-carotene

Beta-carotene is a non-toxic pre-vitamin A. Vitamin A in large amount can be toxic.

Vitamin A is necessary to form bacteria-fighting chemical in tear, saliva, and other body fluids. This is the first line defense against invaders.

Deficiency in vitamin A reduces or slows down the response of your immune system to various viruses and bacteria. Infections which are mild and self-limiting can worsen and sometime fatal.

In numerous worldwide cancer studies, vitamin A and beta-carotene appears to be the most vital immune system stimulants. Increase of vitamin A is associated with decreased incidence of various forms of cancer.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E greatly enhances production of antibodies. Vitamin E works with selenium to boost this ability further.

Vitamin E makes the macrophage more aggressive and function more effectively. Vitamin E is considered the most powerful broad-spectrum immune stimulant.

Your immune system is depressed much earlier before any sign of deficiency of vitamin E. Therefore the amount of vitamin E required for optimal immune system response is well above that to protect from classic deficiency.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex does not give you energy. However, you will not have energy without vitamin B complex.

The vitamin B complex family works in synergy to release energy from the food you eat. It supplies the much-required power for your body and energizes your immune system.


Low magnesium level tends to reduce antibody output. Magnesium also regulates vitamin C and calcium metabolism.


Selenium speeds up production of antibodies. Selenium is a very potent anti-cancer mineral.

Mercury and cadmium suppress your immune system. Selenium facilitates the removal of mercury and cadmium.


Severe zinc deficiency has been shown to cause abnormalities in the body’s immune system.

Zinc is necessary to produce thymus hormones. The hormones required in making fighting cells in your body.

Low level of zinc has been found in lung cancer and prostate cancer. This has been tied in the immune system and its suppression when zinc is low.


Echinacea is the number one herb to prevent infection. It stimulates the white blood cells that fighting infection. Echinacea increase the power of macrophage that eats the bacteria, viruses, damaged cells, cancer cells and cell debris.

Echinacea work best for disease which comes and does like cold and flu and others like bronchitis, sore throats, cold sores and other common infections.

Special Usage Instructions:

Echinacea work best in a 10-day course. It stimulates the immune system to the climax after about 10 days. After this time, the immune system accustoms to Echinacea stimulation. After the 10 days course, it should be off for 10 days before the next course. This herb is to be taken as needed (i.e. when need to strengthen immune system), rather the on the on-going basis.

Get Echinacea online at trusted store and delivered to your house. 


Garlic enhances the action of macrophage. It makes the macrophage more aggressive. Garlic also makes the cancer-fighting cells more active.

Numerous studies have been carried out to discover the effect of garlic on cancer disease. The National Cancer Institute has begun 20-million dollars study on the anti-cancer effects of garlic and other herbs. Here is an example of odour-free garlic pills. 

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)

GLA is an essential fatty acid. GLA can wipe out virus even at low concentration. It is especially effective against viruses that have fatty membrane. Most viruses have fatty membrane.

GLA is essential in the virus-fighting Interferon production.

Virus affection will lower the levels of essential fatty acids (EFA) as the EFA is used to make the virus-fighting Interferon.

Studies has shown that a drop in EFA intake is directly related to increase of immune system problems like virus infections, post-viral fatigue syndrome, asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis.

Borage oil is an excellent plant source of the Omega-6 fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA supplement is usually found in borage oil.


Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria. It increases the production of immune system communication chemicals called cytokines. Probiotics supplements are usually found in culture and stored in powder form. When taking such probiotics, remember not to use any hot water as it will 'kill' the active cultures.


Beta-glucan can stimulate the production of cytokines in macrophage to kill tumor cells and stop their growth.


Spirulina is a ‘all-in-one’ antioxidants responsible foe protecting your immune system from free radicals. It contains all the immune system stimulant nutrients from vitamins, protein and minerals to essential fatty acids, essential amino acid and natural phytochemicals.

Spirulina is easily available in tablets and powder form to be taken as supplements. Find out more about spirulina supplement.

Good Water

Good vitamin supplements do not reap its maximum benefits without good water. Good quality water which is free from metal, oxides, hydro-carbon even chlorine is a better choice to further boost immune system hand in hand with the high quality vitamin supplements your eat.

A good water treatment system should be able to remove organic, inorganic contaminants at the source of use i.e. the water tap where you collect your drinking water from. 

It should have a third party certification of its claims. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is one of the accredited bodies that do the job.

Strengthen immune system using immune system supplement

Eating nutritional supplements does not guarantee against any disease. It can strengthen immune system.

The stronger your immune system is, the better your general health will be.

If you obtain your optimal nutrition through good and quality vitamin supplements, you stand the best chance to have an optimal immune system that will have maximum resistance to disease.

Some of the very obvious results you will get are like:

It is a surer bet to first to take steps to strengthen immune system then go on to deal with other area of your optimal health needs.

What Can Depress Immune System?

High Cholesterol Diet

High cholesterol in your body and blood stream slows down the speed of macrophage. Keep the cholesterol level low in your body will help speed up macrophage movement.

Keep low cholesterol diet. Other things that can keep cholesterol level low in your body include diet low in saturated fats, aerobic exercise, a high-fiber diet, proper weight, garlic, lecithin, vitamin B complex and guggul extract.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals lead, mercury and cadmium suppress immune system. Cadmium comes from cigarette smoke. Cadmium slows down the speed of antibodies production.

Mercury reduced the number of killer cells and its activities.

Lead, mercury and cadmium reduce the speed of macrophage and thus increase the chance of infections.

Zinc, vitamin C selenium, calcium and fiber could help in removal o f these heavy metals from the body.


There as many as 1,500 substances found in alcohol. Some of these substances can suppress your immune system and stimulate free radicals.

Tobacco Smoke

Cigarettes contain more than 1000 chemicals. Many of which impair your immune system. Lung cancer is the top cancer killer a among men and women.

Toxic Environmental Chemicals

Pesticides, herbicides and chemical from our industrial complex have adverse effects over our immune system.

Inadequate Rest

Your body has the ability to repair damage cells, tissues and organs. It does the job when your are resting or sleeping.

You might eat enough vitamin supplement to provide the raw materials for your body to strengthen immune system, however adequate rest is equally important. Your body will do the repair and building of cells, tissues when you sleep.

In fact, resting and sleeping is the most fundamental pre-requisite to strengthen immune system.


Stress in general suppresses your immune system. Besides taking life easy and learn how to deal with difficult situation, specified supplements like vitamin B complex, Calcium and Magnesium do help to calm your nerves.

Other Miscellaneous Immune System Suppressants

Too much sun, radiation or even too much food can suppress your immune system. Your body basically required vitamin and minerals to process what is put into your body. The vitamin and minerals will be depleted due to the process. Thus an over does of junk food, sugars and carbohydrate will also suppress your immune system.

Exercise is good. However, if you over do it, your body is going to produces a lot of free radicals, which will attack your immune system.

In summary, adequate nutrients through eating immune system supplement may make more sense for you to strengthen immune system and thus achieve disease prevention and recovering your health.

Where To Get Best Vitamin Supplements To Strengthen Your Immune System?

To get the right combination and appropriate amount of vitamin supplements improve immune system is no simple task. We have found that Xtend-Life's Immu Stay is an excellent vitamin supplement, which does the job well! About Xtend-Life...read more. 


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