Supplements for Inflammation

Taking supplements for inflammation may be able to help you reduce the pain of inflamation. Chronic inflammation in our body is a by products of aging and diet. It is more common than what you think! You must know that the major cause of inflammation is a result of free radicals produced in our body.  Free radicals are the byproducts of body's metabolism. Using supplements for inflammation is one way to manage chronic inflammation.  

The other causes of inflammation are from you over reacted immune system which reacts to allergence consumed in our food such as refined sugar, nuts and gluten. Besides these common causes, anyone  can develop allergic reactions to any food. Overreacting immune system attacks healthy tissues and cells in our body. This leads to many desease such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, stroke, heart attack or evem cancers.

Fish oil are commonly known to help in managing inflammation. If your diet is low in oily fish, less than 3 servings a week, then you may need omega 3 fish oil supplement to management inflammation. Fish oil help the body to return to a balanced inflammationstate.

We recommend Xtend-life Fish Oil | QH Ultra, which is formulate to support our body to return to normal healthy state.  Read more about Xtend-life Fish Oil | QH Ultra.

However, there are manay other food supplements that addresses inflammation.

Moreover, chronic or systemic inflammation occurs at different parts and organs in our bodies. We need different types of counter-inflammation ingredients in our diet to comprehensively address this serious health issue!

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation

Look out for these symptoms of chronic inflammations such as

- stiff joints
- frequent muscles fatigue
- joints pain (read home remedies for joints pain)
- ligaments and tendons swelling and pain
- arthritis

Such known and visible symptoms are signs of more serious issues like heart arteries blockage (Atherosclerosis) caused by deposits alongthe artery vessel.

Supplements for Inflammation

Ingredients such as Flavanoids, Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), Carnosine, Turmeric, Glutathione and Resveratrol are found to be important to arresting chronic inflammation. The above are commonly used in conjuction with fish oil or omega 3.

Mojor sources of antioxidants are from colourful vegetables and fruits such as capsicum, beat roots and pomegranates in our diet. Other antioxdants supplements such as viatmin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and maganese.

Functional Food for Inflammation

One of the researched natural food for inflammation is from Green Lipped Mussel. The potent extract is made into a product called Green Lipped Mussle Powder (GLM).  GLM contains a nutrient called Glycosaminoglycans also known as mucopolysaccharides (or MPS), is a  polysaccharides which is useful to the body as a lubricant or as a shock absorber. We recommend Green Lipped Mussel Powder supplement by Xtend-Life  from New Zealand to help you manage inflammation.

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