Types of Osteoporosis

Types of Osteoporosis

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Primary Osteoporosis

There are two types of primary osteoporosis, type I and type II. 

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Type I osteoporosis, or post menopausal osteoporosis generally develops in women after menopause when the amount of estrogen greatly decreased. 

As a result there is an increase in the resorption of bones, or a loss of substance in the bones. This can lead to fractures of the hip, wrist, or forearm, caused by falls or minor accidents.

Type II osteoporosis, also known as age-related or senile osteoporosis, usually happens after the age of 70 and affects women twice as much as men.

It often leads to hip and vertebral, or spinal, fractures.


Secondary Osteoporosis

This is caused by other conditions such as hormonal imbalances, diseases, use of steroid and certain kinds of medication. 

About 15 to 20 per cent of women and 40 to 50 of men with osteoporosis suffer from this secondary condition, according to experts.

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