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B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin) is a water soluble vitamin. Essential for healthy nerve system development, cell development, blood cell development, manufacture of nerve-cell covering and maintenance of normal nervous system function.


B12 Vitamin(Cobalamin) acts as co-enzyme for normal DNA synthesis. It also promotes normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis. 

Natural Source of B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin)

Beef, beef liver, blue cheese, clams, dairy products, eggs, flounder, herring, liverwurst, mackerel, milk, oysters, sardines, snappers and Swiss cheese.

Note: B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin) is not available in plant foods.

If you take vitamin B complex supplement, you will find B12 vitamin in B complex vitamin supplement.

Deficiency Symptoms of B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin)

Watch out for B12 Deficiency symptoms such as:

Symptoms of Excess Intake of B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin)

Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin)

Best Vitamin Supplements Guide for Vitamin B12(Cobalamin) for Optimal Health

Condition Suggested Dosage
Anxiety, depression 100-500mcg
B12 anemia 250-500 mcg
Emotional or physical stress 100-500 mcg
Cardiovascular disease 500-1000 mcg
Elevated homocysteine level 500-1000 mcg

Therapeutic Effect of B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin) Supplements

Cautions for B12 Vitamin (Cobalamin) Supplements

Where to get Good B12 Vitamin Supplements

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Other vitamin sources:

Vitamin B12 is found in good multi-vitamin supplements. Take multi-vitamin daily shall provide you with sufficient amount of B12 vitamin.

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