Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom

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Anyone may suffer from vitamin B12 deficiencies. However, there are some categories of people who run a higher risk. In cases like this, vitamin B 12 supplement intake is recommended in order to stave off deficiencies.

Helicobacter pylori infections

Also a widespread cause of ulcers and gastritis, infections with these bacteria has been reported to increase the risk for vitamin B12 deficiencies in adults. This effect is caused by the damaging of stomach cells, which produce intrinsic factor, necessary for normal vitamin B12 absorption.

A medical trial on patients who suffered from a vitamin B12 deficiency showed that as many as 56% of them were also infected with H. pylori. The eradication of the microbe helped improving vitamin B12 levels in the blood fro 40% of those infected. However, the segregation of H. pylori doesn't always improve the vitamin B12 level. People who suffer from infections like these should take a vitamin B 12 supplement and have their vitamin B12 levels monitored.


Vegans or vegetarians who don't eat eggs and dairy either and therefore are more prone to develop vitamin B12 deficiencies, although this usually happens over many years.


People suffering from tinnitus and similar disorders have also been found to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiencies and require a vitamin B 12 supplement in almost 50% of all cases.

Malabsorption disorders

People who suffer from malabsorption disorders or conditions, such as bacterial overgrowth in intestines or tapeworm infestation, should also take a vitamin B 12 supplement. Malabsorption of this vitamin can also be the result of pancreatic disease, gastrointestinal surgery or some prescription medication.

Pernicious anemia

This disease is a special condition of vitamin B12 malabsorption and the effect of particular cells in the stomach not

being able to produce intrinsic factor, which is necessary for normal absorption. People who suffer from this disorder need a high level of either oral vitamin B 12 supplement (1000 mcg a day) or vitamin B12 injections.

Breast cancer

A comprehensive medical research study in post-menopausal women has shown that those who have very low vitamin B12 consumption also run an increased risk of getting breast cancer.

Alcohol addicts

Alcoholics also have lacking body stores of this vitamin, even though their blood level of vitamin B12 may be higher.

Older people & Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom

Older people with hearing loss and urinary incontinence are also more likely to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and should therefore take a vitamin B 12 supplement.

Psychiatric disorders

A high percentage of patients who suffer from mental disorders have a vitamin B12 deficiency and should take a vitamin B 12 supplement. A very low level of vitamin B12 is also associated with a higher risk of hard depression


Patients infected with HIV are also more predisposed to have low levels of vitamin B12 in the blood.

Pregnant women & Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom

Although pregnant women often have a lower blood level of vitamin B12, this doesn't always show a vitamin B12 shortcoming. A physician can determine whether the presence of a real vitamin B12 deficiency and prescribe a vitamin B 12 supplement if necessary.

Cyanide poisoning

Hydroxocolabamin, a form of vitamin B 12 supplement, has been shown to have a positive effect in cases of cyanide poisoning and is used in France for this purpose. Some researchers look upon it as an ideal treatment due to its high level of safety.

Taking a vitamin B 12 supplement is very effective in numerous of situations to correct vitamin B12 deficiency symptom and prevent further conditions.

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