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Essential for a healthy nervous system and for the productionof sex hormones, vitamin B3 is present in a number of foods and can also be made in your body from an amino acid called tryptophan.

Like Vitamins B1 and B2, niacin is essential for the release of energy from food and the use of oxygen in cells. It helps to maintain healthy skin, nerves, digestive system and brain function. Niacin also helps to balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, increases circulation and reduces blood pressure, and is thought to protect against some forms of heart disease. B3 Vitamin takes the form of nicotinic acid, which can cause flushing, and nicotinamide or niacinamide, which does not. 



Mind and emotions
Studies have shown that people with a low level of niacin are more likely to suffer from depression and poor self-esteem. Niacin therapy is commonly used in cases of acute schizophrenia.

Healthy heart
Megadoses of niacin taken under medical supervision have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. Because it reduces high blood pressure and increases circulation, it is valuable in maintaining a healthy heart.

Digestive problems
Niacin helps to keep your digestive system healthy and can ease attacks of diarrhoea.

Supplements of B3 vitamin have been shown to increase mobility and reduce inflammation.

Niacin supplements can help to reduce alcohol craving and normalize sleeping patterns.


High doses of niacin may cause liver malfunction, flushing andheadaches. Do not take more than 100mg unless under medicalsupervision. Pregnant women, people with diabetes and thosesuffering from liver disorders, stomach ulcers or gout should not take mega doses of B3 vitamin.

Niacin is beneficial for a rangeof health problems and is widely used in the treatment of mental illness.

Vitamin-B3, Niacin, Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:

Main functions:
  • Helps maintain mental health
  • Releases energy from food
  • Promotes proper growth and development
  • Good for the heart and circulation

Many foods contain vitamin B3 and fortified breakfast cereals are a good source for children. The more food is processed - by chopping, preserving or cooking - the more the niacin content is depleted.

lean meat
whole grains
brewer's yeast
cheese fish
wholemeal bread

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