The Importance of Vitamin E

Vitamin E

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By Tony Jacowski

One of the most important vitamins for the body is E vitamin. In order for the heart to stay healthy the body needs plenty of such vitamin. It is also an excellent option for helping limit bad heart conditions.

The most important aspect of E vitamin is the protection of cell membranes from free radicals. The body is more prone to certain diseases if it doesn’t have a proper amount of E vitamin. Without the protection of Vitamin E, free radicals will damage the cell membrane. Since E vitamin is fat soluble it is absorbed and stored in the cells. For this reason the cell membranes allow it to pass through.

Depending on a person’s weight they will have different daily requirements. The more fat a body has then the cell membranes will need a higher amount of E vitamin for proper function. Wheat germ, nuts and vegetable oils all contain such vitamin. However, this is often not enough so it is recommended that people take Vitamin supplements.

If you have a lack of E vitamin it can often take months or years to see the effects. Damage to the spinal cord is the biggest result of Vitamin E deficiency. Sometimes in severe cases damage can result to the retina of the eye. In order for the body to absorb such vitamin foods should contain a small amount of fat.

There are four health conditions and diseases that require a person to take vitamin supplements:

1. With cystic fibrosis people cannot digest fats. The less fat your body absorbs means you are getting less E vitamin in your body.

2. Asorption is decreased in individuals with Crohn’s disease.

3. For those with liver diseases the liver and intestine can’t absorb proper amounts of E Vitamin.

4. Supplements should be taken by anyone one who has a low-fat diet.

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