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A normal part of your body's response to stress, anxiety allows you to cope with threats or dangers by flooding your system with 'fight or flight' hormones. However, anxiety can interfere with everyday life, causing panic attacks, depression, sleeplessness, digestive problems and lowered resistance to infection. Your diet needs to contain adequate nutrients to stabilize blood sugar levels. Effective stress management is also essential.

Vitamin For Anxiety

Vitamin B1 improves mood

Vitamin B6 is essential for a healthy nervous system

Vitamin B12 helps to produce feel-good brain chemicals

Pantothenic acid is needed to make anti-stress hormones

Folic acid reduces homocysteine levels, which can increase depression

Vitamin C boosts your immune system 

Vitamin D
controls calcium absorption

Vitamin E
helps brain cells to get oxygen

Minerals For Anxiety Problems

Calcium helps you relax

Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels

Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and is crucial for nerve function

Zinc boosts brain function

Other nutrients For Anxiety Related Problems

Amino acids tryptophan alleviates insomnia

St John's Wort improves mood

Valerian helps you sleep

Foods that help reduce anxiety

wholemeal pasta
brown rice 
wholemeal bread
fresh fruit and vegetables
low-fat dairy products
pumpkin seeds

Foods to Avoid 

Fast-releasing carbohydrates (in sugar, white bread, white rice and refined cereals) cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate, affecting energy levels and mood.

Stimulants such as coffee and caffeinated soft drinks make you jittery.

Alcohol increases depression.


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