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Symptoms of eczema include red, itchy skin and blisters, which may be mild or severe. Dermatitis means skin inflammation and is often used interchangeably with eczema. 

These types of skin problem are commonly caused by contact with substances that irritate the skin, allergies or stress.  If you think aczema is caused by allergy it is worth excludong possible culprits from your diet to see if symptoms improve.

Vitamin For Eczema

Vitamin A reduces scaling 

Vitamin B complex
 is essenlial for healthy skin and cell growth 

Vitamin C 
is a natural antihistamine useful for skin problems caused by allergy 

Vitamin D 
is crucial for skin health 

Vitamin E 
improves healing 

is needed for the production of fatty aCids, vital for healthy skin

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Minerals For Eczema Problems

Selenium is an antioxidant and increases the action of vitamin E 

helps to clear rashes

Other nutrients For Eczema Related Problems

Omega-3 fish oils reduce inflammation 

Omega-6 oils; evening primrose all reduces itching and encourages healing

Acidophilus restores friendly intestinal bacteria destroyed if taking antibiotics to treat infection 

Bioflavonoids improve the action of vitamin C

Foods for eczema

salmon, mackerel and sardine
nuts and seeds 
whole grains
green, leafy vegetables 
fresh fruit 

 Foods to Avoid 

Animal fats and fried foods block the formation of anti-inflammarory prostaglandins. 

Foods that may cause allergies, such as wheat, dairy products, peanuts and shellfish.

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