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Prolonged tiredness, weakness and exhaustion can be a symptom of many illnesses, including anaemia and infections. Chronic fatigue can be greatly improved by eating foods that increase energy levels and support the immune system.

Stress-reduction methods may ease symptoms; gentle exercise strengthens muscles and stimulates the production of antibodies to increase resistance to infection.

When we look at malesexual health, we talkmen's sexual function, desire, reproduction,ability and enjoyment.  It alsocovers areas of your overall life and health conditions.

Vitamin for Energy

Vitamin A strengthens the immune system

Vitamin B1 improves nervous system function
and boosts energy

Vitamin B6 increases energy levels

Vitamin B12 is widely used to treat problems affecting energy levels

Pantothenic acid reduces fatigue and relieves stress

Folic acid is needed to form healthy red blood cells, essential for energy

Vitamin C detoxifies the system

Vitamin E supports the immune system

MineralsFor Energy Problems

Calcium improves sleep patterns

Iron relieves tiredness caused by red blood cell

Magnesium reduces weakness and fatigue.

Molybdenum helps keep nerves healthy.

Selenium is a key antioxidant

Zinc detoxifies the body

Food to Choose

fresh fruit
green, leafy vegetables
whole grains
nuts and seeds

Food to Avoid 

Eliminate possible sources of food allergy from your diet, parricularly dairy products and wheat.

Alcohol, smoking, refined foods and caffeine all deplete energy levels.

Where to Get Your Best Vitamin Online?

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2) Omega-3 fish oil

3) Total Balance

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