Vitamin for Menopause Related Problems

Vitamin for Menopause Related Problems

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The cessation of periods and a woman's ability to have children ceases around the age of 50.

Many symptoms that occur during menopause, such as hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats, osteoporosis and vaginal dryness, happen as a result of falling levels of oestrogen.

Make sure you eat plenty of plant oestrogens (found in soya, carrots, corn, apples and oats) and antioxidant fruit and vegetables to slow down the signs of aging.

Vitamin For Menopause Related Problems

Vitamin B complex reduces anxiety and irritability

Vitamin C helps to maintain the skin's elasticity

Vitamin D controls calcium absorption

Vitamin E helps to reduce hot flushes

Minerals For Menopause Related Problems

Calcium maintains bone density

Iron increases energy

Magnesium works with calcium to keep bones strong

Phosphorus slows down loss of bone mass

Selenium reduces hot flushes

Zinc helps to regulate hormone levels

Other nutrients For Menopause Related Problems

Omega-3 oils help to maintain hormonal balance.

Omega-6 oils relieve symptoms.

Bioflavonoids help relieve hot flushes Boron increases estrogen retention.

Co-enzyme Q10 improves energy levels.

Herbal Remedy for Menopause Related Problems

Black cohosh reliving hot flushes, vaginal thinning and dryness.

Wild Yam improves mood and general feeling of well-being.

Dong Guai provides extra estrogen activity.

Foods to Choose

fresh fruit and vegetables
sardines and mackerel
low-fat dairy products
whole grains
whole grains nuts and seeds

Foods to Avoid

Tea, coffee and salt increase excretion of calcium.

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