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Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones lose their density, becoming weak and brittle and liable to fracture. Bone loss is a natural part of ageing, but osteoporosis speeds up. this process. 

Post-menopausal women are particularly at risk of osteoporosis because they stop producing oestrogen, a hormone that helps to deposit calcium in the bones. It is essential to maintain a good intake of calcium throughout life to maintain bone mass.

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Vitamin for Osteoporosis

Vitamin B6 is needed to build bones

Folic acid reduces levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that interferes with bone formation

Vitamin C may strengthen collagen, the cell­binding protein found in bone

Vitamin D increases calcium absorption

Vitamin K is needed for calcium to be deposited in the bones


Minerals For Osteoporosis Problems

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Calcium is crucial for bone health

Copper is important for healthy bones

Magnesium works with calcium to maintain bone density

Manganese contributes to bone strength

Phosphorus combines with calcium to make strong bones

Boron protects against calcium loss

Zinc is important for bone health

Other nutrients For Osteoporosis Related Problem

Omega-3 oils increase calcium deposition in the bones

Omega-6 oils; evening primrose oil helps bones retain calcium

Amino acids lysine promotes calcium absorption


Bioflavonoids increase the action of vitamin C

Food to Choose

oily fish such as sardines, salmon and tuna
low-fat dairy products
green, leafy vegetables
nuts and seeds

Food to Avoid 

Too much salt, caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks and smoking increase calcium excretion. Chocolate, rhubarb, spinach and bran contain substances that interfere with calcium absorption.


Where to Get Your Best Vitamin for Osteoporosis Related Problem Online?

We have found Xtend-Life natural Vitamin has sound recommendations to meet your different needs. You may fit into one of these groups of people describe below:

1) Prevention and Maintenance

2) For maximum benefits when indications of Osteoporosis is already present

3) Just calcium top up

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