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Varicose veins are blue, swollen veins visible beneath the skin, caused by weak valves in the veins which prevent blood from flowing back to the heart.

Contributing factors are aging, pregnancy, obesity, heredity and standing for long periods.

Regular exercise and resting with your feet above chest level will help blood to flow back to the heart.

Nutritional advice focuses on improving the elasticity of the blood vessels to prevent varicose veins forming.

Vitamin for Varicose Veins

Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels Vitamin E alleviates symptoms


Magnesium helps to keep blood vessels healthy

Other nutrients

Omega-3 fish oils increase blood circulation

Co-enzyme Q10 increases oxygen uptake in the cells, improving circulation

Bioflavonoids improve the action of vitamin C

Garlic improves blood flow

Ginkgo biloba increases blood circulation

Foods to Choose

fresh fruit and vegetables
sardines and mackerel
garlic and onions
low-fat dairy products

Foods to Avoid

Eggs, meat, cheese, refined grains and wheat (because of the gluten content) can clog up your system.

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