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Women need to take great care of their nutritional needs as they enter different stages in life. From adolescence to menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, the physical and psychological demands on women varies at each stage.

Supplementing with the right nutrients would enable women to achieve better overall well-being, and help them better handle and meet those demands.

Having a proper Health and Wellness regime with vitamin supplementation programme especially designed to support women's health throughout their childbearing years is very important.

What Are The Important Vitamin For Women?

EPO (Evening Primrose Oil)

Natural herbal supplement with a unique blend of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) from evening primrose oil, borage oil, chasteberry extract, ginger extract and dong quai to support a woman's well- being during her menstrual cycle.

Calcium & Magnesium

Calcium and Magnesium can help in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.

Iron & Folic Acid

Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells and prevention of iron anemia while folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects in the foetus.

Vitamin E & Choline

Choline acts as a fat emulsifier and aids in the absorption of vitamin E, an important antioxidant.


Here are some life-stages most women encountered with different degree of challenges and difficult in coping. You may need to use specific vitamin for women to supplement you nutrition requirement.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Hormonal imbalances related to the menstrual cycle mean that many women regularly suffer from symptoms such as depression, irritability, water retention, headaches and low energy levels in the time leading up to their monthly periods.

Foods containing vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc and evening primrose oil may all help to alleviate symptoms and maintain hormonal balance.


Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Research has shown that pregnant woman need about twice as much protein, iron, calcium and folic acid as women who are not pregnant, and essential fatty acids are crucial for the development of the foetus' brain during pregnancy.

[featured article on Calcium for Pregnant Women]

You may be advised to take a good multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement, as it may be difficult to obtain all the nutrients you need through diet alone.

Supplements should be specifically designed for pregnancy; for example, you should not take vitamin A supplements while pregnant because an excess of vitamin A can cause birth defects.

Breastfeeding also depletes your store of nutrients and you may need extra vitamins and minerals during this period.

It is a good idea for women who plan to have more than one child to ensure they have a well-balanced diet between pregnancies; this is particularly important for women who are vegetarian.


The menopause puts extra stress on a woman's body because of the falling levels of estrogen, which can contribute to symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and loss of bone mass.

B vitamins may improve mood; you need extra calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to maintain bone density; and minerals such as zinc and selenium may help to alleviate hot flushes and balance hormone levels.

More information about what are the vitamin for menopause related problems.

The Prevention & Relief From PMS Symptoms & Distressing Menopausal Experience

We understand that many women are seeking for potential preventative/curative solution to other common female reproductive symptoms.

We recommend a specific vitamin supplement for women from Xtend-Life. Female Rejuvenator is specially designed for the following purposes.

Bone Health, Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is normally associated with older women. That is because this disease of the skeleton, in which bones become brittle and are prone to fracture, usually occurs in women over 55 years of age. Read more to find out how you can take effective measures to improve your bone health, prevent or slow down osteoporosis.

Varicose Veins

Some women develop unsightly varicose veins especially after child birth, due to standing too long for prolong period or due to old age. It is possible to treat or prevent varicose vein using vitamin supplements. More information about vitamin for varicose veins.


Where To Get Your Best Vitamin for Women?

We recommend that you take a total balance approach for your vitamin supplements need. A total balance should be your first choice to safe you the hassle of getting different types of vitamin.

We have evaluated Xtend-Life's Natural Vitamin for women. Xtend-Life's Total Balance Women's Premium is an excellent choice women to maintain balance in every aspect of a woman's health. Read our review about Xtend-Life.

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