Vitamin K - Benefits, Food Source and Deficiency Symptom

Vitamin K

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K Vitamin is essential for blood clotting. It is manufactured in gut and widely available in food, and deficiency is very uncommon (all newborn babies are given a dose of vitamin-K to improve blood clothing).

How It Works

Vitamin-K activity is found in three fat-soluble compounds phylloquinone (K1), menaquinone (K2) and menadione (K3).

It acts as an essential co-factor for the production if clotting proteins in the liver. High doses if vitamin-K are used to counteract an overdose of the blood-thining drug, warfarin.

Deficiency Symptoms


Blood Clotting

Newborn babies are given a dose of vitamin-K to prevent a condition called hemorrhagic disease.


Vitamin-K is need for synthesis of calcium-binding protein, osteocalcin, found in bone matrix. It is recognized as being important for bone health.

Lack of vitamin-K is linked to osteoporosis. Supplementation can reduce bone loss calcium in post-menopause women by up to 50% as well as strengthening bones that are already weakened.


Multivitamin tablets usually contain vitamin-K, which is thought to be adequate for an average person to remain healthy and avoid deficiency.


IF you take warfarin, you should seek your doctor's advice before taking tis supplement.

Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:
not established

Main functions:
  • blood clotting
  • build calcium-binding protein

Food Sources:

Most of our vitamin-K requirement are met by beneficial bacteria in our gut that produce vitamin K2. Dietary sources usually supply around one fifth of our needs.

dark green leafy vegetables
egg yolk


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