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Wonder Labs has been in nutrition business for the pass 43 years! It went online in year 1996 and provides solutions to supply vitamin supplements worldwide at wholesale price.

It makes a great product and sell it at a fair price! In its phylosophy, low Cost vitamin prices but not cheap vitamins.

They price their vitamins as low as they can and show you what others are selling them for, then show you what a discount vitamin price that is over the highest priced company they could find. They did compare "apples to apples" ingredients to ingredients when they show you the vitamin discount percent.

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Key Information
Corporate Address 115 S.C.T. Court, PO Box 820, White House TN 37188, United States
Business Since 1996
Toll-Free 800-992-1672
Free Shipping $5.95 flat rate shipping, to continental U.S. FREE shipping for order of $100 or more within the Continental United States
Ship By UPS
Website Wonder Labs

Its Products conform to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 2091 for weight and meet (USP) 2040 for disintegration for maximum bioavailability. Its manufacturing facility is inspected regularly by the FDA. Its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are certified by Peiser & Associates, Inc. an independent FDA regulatory consultant. Every item they sell is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

BBBOnline yes
BizRate Ratings -
McAfee SECURE Verified yes
Return Policy 30 day

We give Wonder Labs a 5-star in terms of credibility rating because of its accreditation from Safe Shopping BBBOnline, its low price and 100% money back guarantee.

Its website verified daily by HeckerSave to protect data collected is basically protected against unauthorized access by hackers.

Return Policy
With a 30 day return policy, you can be assured of complete full refund for unsatisfied items.

Shipping rate

$5.95 flat rate shipping, to continental U.S. FREE shipping for order of $100 or more within the Continental United States.

How to shop
You can find products via

  • Search by Item Number
  • Search by Symptom
  • Search by Ingredient
  • Search by Category
Payment Information
VISA yes
Amercan Express yes
Discover yes
Google Checkout yes
PayPal yes

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