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Zinc Supplement

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Zinc is needed for enzyme activity essential for your body's normal function and development, zinc also plays a crucial role in the protection and repair of DNA and helps to regulate hormone levels. Most zinc is lost when food is processed, and a lack of zinc is linked to poor growth and infertility.

Zinc is crucial for reproduction: it helps make healthy sperm and is needed to form genetic material.

How It Works

Vital for growth and wound healing,  zinc is also a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster, helping to protect you from infection.

It is also thought to be important for brain function and a healthy nervous system, and is important for mental alertness.

Zinc is crucial for healthy reproductive organs in both men and women. It is needed for the production of healthy sperm, helps form genetic material and is crucial for the development of a healthy foetus. It also helps to maintain your, senses of sight, taste and smell. So, zinc is also often referred to as Men's supplement.

Deficiency Symptoms


Colds and Flu

As one of the main protectors of your immune system, zinc is important to help fight infection. In tests, sucking zinc lozenges reduced the length and severity of illnesses such as colds and flu significantly.
Healthy Skin

Zinc reduces inflammation, and supplements are beneficial for treating acne and other skin complaints such as eczema. Extra zinc speeds up wound healing.


As an antioxidant and immune system booster, zinc can help to reduce pain and inflammation.


Women with irregular periods may benefit from zinc supplements. Zinc is useful in cases of male sub fertility because it is important for healthy sperm production and increasespotency and sex drive.


Multivitamin and multimineral supplements contain varying amounts of zinc.

Zinc Supplement

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Pregnant women need to increase their intake of zinc slightly to ensure the foetus develops properly. If you are suffering from a cold or infection or have had surgery you may benefit from zinc supplementation.

Vegans, vegetarians, women taking oral contraceptives and heavy drinkers may be deficient in zinc.

If you are taking high amounts of vitamin B6 you will need to increase your intake of zinc. The suggested safe upper limit for long-term use is 15mg - the RDA.



High doses of zinc interfere with the production of healthy blood cells. Amounts up to 50mg are thought to be safe for short-term use but you should consult your doctor first.

Zinc Supplement Vital Facts

Recommended daily allowance for adults:

Main functions:
  • Improves wound healing
  • Essential for sexual health and fertility 
  • Necessary for growth and development
  • Mainstay of the immune system
Food Sources:

A single oyster or an 250g (8oz) steak supplies sufficient zinc to meet the RDA.

pumpkin seeds
brazil nuts
egg yolk

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A Holistic Approach:
When you have a proper daily multi-vitamin supplementation regime, it is unlikely for you to fall sort of the essential vitamin and minerals. We recommend that all must have a basic cover on the multi-vitamin supplements.

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