Xtend Life Review: Quality Natural Vitamins & Supplements

This is our Xtend Life review. Xtend-Life offers effective natural supplements designed to address specific health needs at great value.

Xtend Life develops all their products in-house with top bio-scientists. They control every aspect of manufacturing, from sourcing to production, to ensure ingredient purity and quality. This demonstrates their commitment to excellence in supplement manufacturing.

We highly recommend Xtend Life if you prioritize quality natural supplements.

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We find their product information comprehensive, including ingredient sources and clinical research. This transparency is a sign of a trustworthy vitamin brand.

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Xtend Life Review Verdict

Pricing: five-stars rating

Xtend Life offers fairly priced, high-quality supplements alongside exceptional customer service. Their customer-first approach has earned them a loyal following in over 40 countries.

Xtend Life's focus on natural products, rigorous quality control, and in-house manufacturing demonstrates their commitment to product safety and effectiveness.

Their loyalty program rewards customers with discounts and flexibility, making it a truly customer-centric offering. Explore the Xtend-Life Club Membership benefits.

Key Information

12 Mary Muller Drive
Christchurch 8022
New Zealand
Website: https://www.fitline.com/en?TP=41174012

Since    2000

(USA and Canada)
paid call at (64) 3 384 2116 for customers outside the
USA or Canada

Free Shipping:

    FREE for oder above $60.  Otherwise $6.50 flat rate applies.
Shipped  By  Priority Airmail
Delivery is between 4 and 10 business days, with the following averages:
• In the USA it is between 5 - 10 business days.
• The UK can be as short as 3 - 6 business days.
• The rest of the world can vary between 5 - 15 business days

Return Policy

12 Months return policy is an uncommon practice, which is way above the industry average of 30-90 days. This shows that the company is confident of its own products and its relationship with its customers.

A brief History

A brief history worth mentioning in this piece of  Xtend-Life review. The Chairman Warren Mathew was unsatisfied in his search for best vitamin supplements years ago. He found that many companies who were using the correct ingredient by name had selected a cheap version of the ingredient with low potency and thus inadequate efficacy. Further to this, they discovered unacceptable manufacturing processes and other inadequate practices. Warren and his son Lance founded Xtend-Life to deliver some high quality products that really worked so they could market them, they determined that this was not viable if they were to keep to their objective of only using and supplying the best supplements that money could buy. Read more... Xtend-Life's origins stem from founder Warren Mathew's frustration in finding truly effective vitamin supplements. He discovered that many companies, even when using the correct ingredients, opted for low-quality, low-potency versions. He was further concerned about poor manufacturing practices. Warren and his son Lance founded Xtend-Life to fill this gap, prioritizing high-quality, efficacious supplements. Read more about their journey...


COMODO Authentic Site verification
We are delighted to find that Xtend-Life is committed to enhance the customers shopping confidence by engaging Comodo Authentic Site verification service.  Be sure to check verify site at the payment gateway.  Below are other important credentials that we find in our Xtend Life review.

FDA Registered Facility

HACCP Certified


Natural Products Association

TRUSTe Program

GOED Omega 3 - Xtend-Life is a member of Global Organization for EP and DHA Omega 3s

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